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Penguin Michael Joseph snares Marvellous Michael Anson's Firstborn of the Sun trilogy

Penguin Michael Joseph has snared epic fantasy trilogy Firstborn of the Sun by Marvellous Michael Anson, with the first book publishing in 2025. 

Editorial director Rebecca Hilsdon acquired world rights to the trilogy from Kesia Lupo at The Bindery Agency within 48 hours of submission. The first novel was shortlisted for the 2022 Kit de Waal Bursary and the Friday Night Live Competition, won the 2023 Jericho Writers Self-Edit Course Bursary and was a finalist for the 2023 Future Worlds Prize. 

Firstborn Of The Sun is billed as “an ambitious, multiple-viewpoint, tale of first love and loyalty, magic and royalty, politics, betrayal and heart-pounding action, set in a lush new world inspired by Yoruba culture and mythology”. 

The synopsis says: “Lọ́rẹ has hidden her lack of sun-magic for years, fearful for her life. But when her best friend Alawani faces near certain death at the hands of the Holy Order, Lọ́rẹ discovers the power of shadow and ice within her, and a destiny that will shatter everything...” 

Michael Anson said: “Writing Firstborn of the Sun was like weaving spells of magic and hoping that they bloom in someone’s heart as pure wonder. I am eternally grateful to my agent, Kesia, for seeing that magic and wholeheartedly in awe of Rebecca’s passion for these books. To my heart’s delight, FOTS has found an incredible home with the PMJ team. As a Yoruba woman, stories are the foundation of my culture. In this book are many tales of old as told by my grandmother and I am so excited to bring you all on this remarkably dramatic journey through the fiery deserts of Oru.” 

Hilsdon added: “This book marries propulsive plotting with political intrigue and ties it all together with a romance subplot which will take everyone’s breath away. Marvellous is an extraordinary talent and the world she has created is utterly transportive. I can’t wait for everyone to discover Firstborn of the Sun.” 

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