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His Dark Reflection (2023)

A Suspense Thriller Novel

Love. Secrets. Murder

Mote was keeping secrets when she married Jack. So was he. 

When the single shot that takes their son's life blows open all they've kept hidden, they have to face their worst nightmares alone.


Their daughter, Ara, remembers one thing from the night her brother was killed. She knows who pulled the trigger. 


She knows Mote is sleeping in the same bed as the man who killed her child.

She knows something is off with the man pretending to be her father

And she will get her revenge.

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Fantasy Trilogy (2025)


Royalty, Succession, the rise and fall of Empires

Influenced by West African Yoruba culture, this story explores family, royalty and the politics of succession. This book would fit alongside GODKILLER and THE FINAL STRIFE, combining the intricate world-building of Children of Blood and Bone with the compelling storytelling of Ember in the Ashes.


Lọ́rẹ has fiery blades and ice in her veins. One of these is a secret that will get her killed. In the land of Oru, everyone is born with agbára—the ability to summon energy from the sun. Everyone that is, except Lọ́rẹ. She keeps this secret close to her heart, knowing her mother was killed for the same reason. 


When the gods declare Lọ́rẹ’s best friend, Alawani, a priest of the holy order. He will be stripped of his agbára in a trial that has never yielded more than two survivors each time the gods call. Unwilling to risk his life for the gods that cursed her, Lọ́rẹ breaks into the temple. In a desperate act to channel agbára and save him, something else comes forth from her hands—a destructive shadow magic that draws on the energy of everyone and everything around her. 


She and Alawani escape, but not before she catches the attention of the Holy Order. While on the run, Lọ́rẹ discovers her true identity and learns that Alawani’s grandfather, the Holy Order’s leader, murdered her mother. He will stop at nothing to ensure that Lọ́rẹ is the last of her kind. Lọ́rẹ finds herself choosing between Alawani and the magic within her. ​

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Firstborn of the Sun- Moodboard.png

"Our readers were entranced by this opening with its strong premise and gorgeous writing."
- Jericho Writers

"The judges were gripped by the dynamism and pace in the opening pages of this magical quest narrative''. 
- Future World Prize for Fantasy and Science Fiction Writer of Colour

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