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This FAQ (frequently asked questions) page answers the most common questions received from readers and other website visitors. Please use the contact page if you have any questions not answered below. 


What category are your books?

HIS DARK REFLECTION is an adult suspense thriller following the lives of a family trying to find the murderer amongst them. (Gone Girl meets REVENGE the TV show)

FIRSTBORN OF THE SUN is a new adult epic fantasy following the lives of heirs, kingmakers and assassins in a desert kingdom influenced by Yoruba culture and myth. (Game of Thrones meets Children of Blood and Bone) 


How can I get a review copy or Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of your books?

Marve does not provide review copies of novels already released. Subscribe to Marve's newsletter for opportunities to receive advance copies of future releases.

If you are interested in a review copy of FIRSTBORN OF THE SUN, contact Marve's publicity team as they will handle all requests.

email address coming soon. 


Are you available for interviews, podcasts, or website/blog features?

Interested in interviewing or featuring Marve? Marve is currently accepting requests, please use the contact form to send more details and information about your request.  


Do you offer novel endorsements?

Marve is a writer of adult fiction and would prioritize books in that category, however she will also consider YA crossover novels. If you are seeking an endorsement for an adult or NA novel, please contact Marve's agent Kesia Lupo (


I would like to sell artwork and/or merchandise based on your novels. How should I go about this?

More information about merchandise can be found here.

Marve does not endorse or support the use of AI programs for artwork.


What languages are your books printed in and who are they published by?

For information about foreign rights, please contact Marve's agent, Kesia Lupo (

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