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Marve Michael Anson

Bestselling Author

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New Release

His Dark Reflection 

Mote was keeping secrets when she married Jack. So was he.
When the single shot that takes their son's life blows open all they've kept hidden, they have to face their worst nightmares alone.
Their daughter, Ara, remembers one thing from the night her brother was killed. She knows who pulled the trigger.
She knows Mote is sleeping in the same bed as the man who killed her child.
She knows something is off with the man pretending to be her father.
And she will get her revenge.

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His Dark Reflection: A gripping tale of love, murder and secrets

This was certainly a wild ride from start to finish with tonnes of both unpredictable and expected twists and turns that left me shocked and invested throughout. I started reading this book  and couldn’t put it down! 

Amazon Reader Review

Praise & Reviews

If I could give this 10 stars, I would. Recommending to any and everyone. You find yourself caring about nearly everyone involved and wanting them to pick up the pieces and make the best of their lives.

Goodreads Reviewer

I really enjoyed the portrayal of the aftermath of various traumatic plot points. Someone in this book is not precisely who they say they are – and when that is revealed, it is handled in a deeply interesting way. 

Amazon Reader Review

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About Marve with and 'E'

I was born and raised in Nigeria.

My grandmother taught me how to write as she held my hands to form the words and taught me how to string those words together to form a good story. She became my first pen pal, and we must have exchanged over a hundred letters through the years.


Although my letters always came back to me red-inked with corrections on everything from grammar to spelling. Years later, after achieving the incredible goal of writing the perfect letter, I wrote my first novel. 

I'm currently working on an Epic Fantasy trilogy, inspired by Yoruba culture. I'm in love with this world of magic, and I can't wait to show the world!  

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Literary Rep: Kesia Lupo, The Bindery Agency


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